Water Treatment

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Hard Water? YOU NEED...

Pricing Information


  • Air Induction Iron Filter: $1,650
  • Carbon Filter: $1,425
  • ​Birm Iron Filter: $1425
  • Chlorination Systems: $1,050-1,450
  • pH Neutralizer: $1,325
  • Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage: $550 4 Stage with Pump: $750
  • UV Light: $850
  • Water Softener: $1,450


Additional Information


  • Removes Lime and Calcite Build-Up
  • Removes Iron and Manganese
  • Reduces Tastes and Odors
  • Reduces Total Solids Content
  • Removes Radioactivity
  • Preserves Life of All Water Using Appliances
  • High pH associated with Lime Softening can Aid in Disinfection
  • Reduces Deposits in Water Heaters
  • Removes Lead, Nitrate, Sodium, and Sulfate
  • Reduces Staining, Spotting, and Scaling
  • Energy Saving in Water Heating due to Less Scaling
  • Reduces Excessive Soap Use
  • No Hard Water Spots on Dishware and Silverware

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